Pandora’s Jar is Open: Feminist Theologies and Many Futures

Se abrió la Caja de Pandora: las teologías feministas y los múltiples futuros


  • Lisa Isherwood University of Winchester, UK

Palabras clave:

Ecology, Feminism, Gender, Materiality, Sexuality


The article considers how feminist theologies have impacted our understandings of sexuality, gender, ecology and materiality and how this may further develop in the future. It considers and counters criticism and asks if the ideologies unpinning feminist theologies are sufficient for its further development.

Resumen: El artículo toma en consideración cómo las teologías feministas han impactado nuestra en comprensión de la sexualidad, el género, la ecología y la materialidad y cómo este impacto puede desarrollarse aún más en el futuro. A su vez, considera las críticas con el fin de contrarrestarlas y se pregunta si las ideologías que interpelan a las teologías feministas pueden o no favorecer su desarrollo futuro.


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Biografía del autor/a

Lisa Isherwood, University of Winchester, UK

Lisa Isherwood [FRSA] is a liberation theologian who believes theology to be a communal project fuelled by notions of radical equality and empowered by divine companionship. Her work explores the nature of incarnation within a contemporary context and includes such areas as the body, gender, sexuality and eco-theology. She is extensively published, having 27 edited and authored books to her name. In 2009 she was Vice President of the European Society of Women in Theological Research. She has research partnerships with colleagues in the USA and Latin America in the areas of gender and sexuality. She has held positions in University of St Mark & St John Plymouth, University of Winchester and University of Wales.


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